FFP was founded in 1929. Following the Peugeot Group's reorganisation in 1966, FFP became with other family Group companies the leading shareholder in Peugeot. In 1989 it went public on the Nancy stock market, and then on the Paris Stock Exchange.

  • Engineering and industrial business begins in the Doubs department of France

  • Incorporation of FFP

  • FFP becomes the major shareholder of industrial Peugeot Group

  • FFP is listed on the Nancy stock market

  • FFP is listed on the Nancy stock market

  • FFP invests in Société du Louvre - Groupe du Louvre

  • FFP is a founder member of Sagard private equity funds and buys into the capital of Groupe Taittinger

  • FFP disposes of holdings in Berger-Levrault and Actaris and invests in the company Marco Polo Investissements alongside IDI

  • FFP invests in SEB, Linedata Services and the Spanish company  Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC)

  • Alongside founding family shareholders and the CNP, FFP disposes of interests held in the Société du Louvre and Groupe Taittinger

  • FFP  is a member of the takeover consortium for the Sanef motorway network, delivers its building in Charenton over to Immobilière Dassault, acquires Château Guiraud and becomes a shareholder in IDI and Zodiac

  • FFP acquired 23% of the equity of the holding company ONET to support part of the founding family.

  • FFP acquires equity in DKSH, the leading Swiss company in the business services sector in Southeast Asia.
    In conjunction with other partners, FFP creates IDI Emerging Markets to strengthen its presence in private equity funds operating in countries with emerging economies.

  • FFP, being the 1st shareholder of Peugeot SA, supports its refinancing by subscribing at 10% of the issue of bonds convertible into and/or exchangeable for new or existing shares (OCEANE).

  • FFP sells its indirect stake in FCC, and actively manages its holdings by increasing its stake in Zodiac Aerospace, reducing its stake in SEB and selling some of the Peugeot SA OCEANE convertible bonds. 

  • FFP acquires a stake in Orpéa, a leading European provider of care facilities. It participates in IPSOS acquisition of Synovate by investing into LT Participations, IPSOS founders' holding company and main shareholder of the IPSOS group. FFP sells its OCEANE Peugeot SA and buys the same quantity of Peugeot SA shares.

  • FFP supports the global strategic alliance with General Motors and subscribes to the capital increase of Peugeot SA for 115.9 million €.
    On the occasion of the IPO of DKSH, FFP sold 35% of its interest for 91 M€ realizing a multiple of 3.2 x over a 4 year period.

  • FFP sells a 0.8% stake in DKSH for €32 million, and its remaining shares in Linedata. FFP joins forces with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs to order and operate four bulk carrier ships.

  • FFP has signed an agreement governing the acquisition of equity stakes in the Peugeot SA group by Dongfeng Motor and the French state and is subscribing to the rights issue. FFP is investing in Mauritian group CIEL as well as in IHS, the leader in telecoms towers in Africa. FFP has sold some of its Zodiac Aerospace shares following the unwinding of derivative instruments put in place 2012.

  • FFP acquires an additional 1.2% stake in Zodiac Aerospace, investing €77 million. FFP makes a commitment to invest €28 million in EREN Renewable Energy and carries out the first €14 million tranche of the investment. FFP prepares the sale of its stake in ONET for €45 million and monetises its Peugeot SA warrants for €197 million.

  • FFP acquires a stake in asset manager Tikehau Capital via a €73 million investment. FFP invests €36 million in real-estate projects in the USA and Paris. In late 2016, FFP commits to investing $50 million in JAB CF Global Consumer Brand, a world leader in the tea and coffee market. Transactions to monetise Peugeot SA warrants were unwound in December 2016.

  • FFP acquires a 5.5% stake in SPIE for €201 million and takes part in the capital increase of Tikehau Capital (investing €26 million) and Total Eren (investing €14 million). FFP sells its stakes in Sanef (for €238 million), ONET (€48 million) and Ipsos (€30 million) and carries out five co-investments (JAB CF Global Brand II, Lineage, AmaWaterways, CIPRES, Capsa). FFP supports the PSA Group in its acquisition of Opel/Vauxhall.