Investment presentation


IHS was set up in 2001 and operates in all parts of the value chain in the telecoms tower sector, with activities including construction, rental and maintenance. From its initial base in Nigeria, IHS has expanded through acquisitions and now also operates in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Rwanda and soon Kuwait when it completes the acquisition of 1,600 towers from Zain. IHS managed more than 23,000 towers at end-2017. It is the leading telecom tower operator in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and it directly employs around 1,800 people.

FFP's Investment

In 2014, FFP invested $20 million in IHS Holding alongside the Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) fund, after an initial $5 million investment in 2013. FFP has also invested $52.5 million alongside Wendel, IHS’ main shareholder, which holds 29% of its voting rights.

Last update : 2017 December 31st