Investment presentation Lisi group


LISI is an acronym for Link Solutions for Industry. The LISI group is one of the world leaders in fasteners and assembly components in the aerospace and automotive industries, and has operated in the healthcare sector since 2007.

In 2017, revenue at LISI Aerospace (60% of the group’s sales) totalled €1,000 million, up 3.3% at constant scope and exchange rates. The division was affected in particular by a slowdown in the European fasteners segment.

LISI Automotive (31% of the group’s sales) saw faster sales growth in a European market that remained solid. The division’s revenue amounted to €506 million, up 8.8% compared with 2016.

LISI Medical (9% of the group’s sales) benefited from the full-year effect of integrating LISI Medical Remmele (incremental revenue of €22.8 million in 2017). The division’s revenue totalled €137 million, down 2.3% at constant scope and exchange rates.

Although the aerospace business remained the main contributor to recurring operating income in 2017, accounting for 75% of the group total, margins in the automotive business improved for the sixth straight year (+0.9 points) and the medical division’s contribution was boosted by Remmele.

Overall, LISI’s revenue totalled €1,643 million, up 4.6% year-on-year or up 3.6% at constant scope and exchange rates. Recurring operating margin came in at 10.4%, in line with the group’s normative target. The Company’s financial position is solid, with net debt of €300 million at 31 December 2017.

FFP's Investment

The Peugeot family has been a shareholder of Compagnie Industrielle de Delle (CID), LISI’s main shareholder, since 1977. In 1996, FFP received a 25% interest in CID – the largest shareholder in LISI – as a contribution from another Peugeot family group company.

In 2002, FFP took a direct 5% holding in LISI.

At 31 December 2017, the FFP group (via wholly owned subsidiary FFP Invest) directly and indirectly owned 19% of LISI.

FFP Invest has signed an agreement with CID’s main shareholders regarding the liquidity of CID shares.

The Net Asset Value of the shareholding is based on the share price at 31 December 2017. LISI and CID are accounted for under the equity method.

Marie-Hélène Peugeot-Roncoroni is a director of LISI. Christian Peugeot is a director of CID and LISI. Thierry Peugeot and Xavier Peugeot are directors of CID. CID, represented by Thierry Peugeot, is a director of LISI.

Update at 2017 December 31st