IDI is an investment firm that has been listed since 1991. IDI invests on its own account and on behalf of third parties, with activities including buyouts and growth capital in France, mainly via the parent company (proprietary investments), and funds of funds and growth capital in emerging markets via IDI Emerging Markets (third-party funds).

As at Dec 31, 2019

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FFP's investment

In 2006, following the merger between IDI, Euridi and Marco Polo Investissements, FFP owned 5.0% of IDI. In 2007, FFP increased its stake by investing €15.5 million under a rights issue.
At 31 December 2019, FFP (via wholly-owned subsidiary FFP Invest) held a 10.1% stake.
The value of the shareholding for purposes of Net Asset Value and the consolidated financial statements is based on the 31 December 2019 share price.
FFP Invest, represented by Sébastien Coquard, is vicechairman of IDI’s Supervisory Board and a member of its Audit Committee.

In 2019

IDI’s Net Asset Value rose 3.41% during the first nine months of 2019, which was a very busy period for IDI carrying out six investments: three new additions to the portfolio (Groupe Label, Formalian and Newlife) and three build-up investments (Dubbing Brothers, Ateliers de France and Groupe Orca).

Key figures.

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