SPIE is Europe’s leading independent provider of multi-technical services, operating in the fields of electrical, mechanical and climate engineering, communication systems and energy-related specialist services. With around 46,000 employees around the world and a strong local presence, the group helps its clients with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facilities. After the acquisition of SAG in late 2016, SPIE generates 38% of its revenue in France and 32% in Germany and Central Europe.

As at Dec 31, 2019

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FFP's investment.

FFP bought into SPIE in the fourth quarter of 2017, investing €201 million for 5.5% of the equity.

At 31 December 2018, FFP Invest owned 5.5% of the group’s capital.

FFP Invest, represented by Bertrand Finet, has a seat on SPIE’s Board of Directors and is a member of its Appointments and Governance Committee and Audit Committee.

In 2019.

Consolidated revenue totalled €6,671 million in 2018, an increase of 8.9%. There was a strong contribution from acquisitions (+7.0%) and organic growth (+2.6%), partly offset by negative currency effects (-0.3%) and the impact of disposals (-0.3%). SPIE’s operating profit amounted to €400 million, up 3.1% relative to 2017. 116% of operating profit was converted into operating cash flow, which totalled €462 million. Free cash flow amounted to €288 million. At the end of 2018, net debt reached €1,349 million, down €183 million year-on-year.

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