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Tikehau Capital was founded in 2004 by Antoine Flamarion and Matthieu Chabran, and is an asset  management and investment group focusing on four asset classes: private debt, real estate, private equity and liquid strategies. The group employs more than 430 people across eight offices (Paris, London, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, New York, Seoul and Singapore).

Tikehau Capital Advisors (TCA) is the Tikehau group’s parent company and owns 100% of the managing company of Tikehau Capital SCA, the group’s listed investment vehicle.

As at Dec 31, 2018

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FFP's investment.

FFP Invest invested €73 million in the Tikehau Capital group in 2016, and then a further €26 million in 2017, mainly through capital increases. These investments were made in both Tikehau Capital Advisors and Tikehau Capital.

FFP (via wholly owned subsidiary FFP Invest) is party to a Tikehau Capital Advisors shareholder agreement. At 31 December 2018, the FFP group (via its wholly owned subsidiary FFP Invest) owned 6.0% of Tikehau Capital Advisors’ equity and 3.0% of Tikehau Capital’s equity.

Robert Peugeot is a member of Tikehau Capital Advisors’Board of Directors and Remuneration Committee.

In 2018.

management business, which accelerated in particular because of efforts to balance the various asset classes managed. Assets under management (AUM) totalled €22.0 billion at 31 December 2018, up 59% compared with 31 December 2017 and up 20% excluding acquisitions (Sofidy in real estate and ACE Management in private equity). The asset management business, where AUM rose to €20.4 billion, posted operating profit of €20.0 million, an increase of 25% and representing a margin of 26.6%. Adverse developments in the value of some listed assets affected earnings from the investment business, which posted a loss of €113.1 million, leading to a net loss attributable to equity holders of the parent of €107.4 million.

Tikehau Capital had equity of €2.3 billion at end-2018, and the group invested €906 million in its own strategies during the year. At end-2018, the group had a gross cash position of €463 million and €796 million of debt.

The group achieved its €20 billion AUM target two years ahead of the schedule it set at the time of its IPO, and announced new targets for 2022. It is now aiming to increase AUM to over €35 billion and achieve operating profit of over €100 million from its asset management business by 2022.

In 2019.


Key figures.

2018 assets under management (excl. acquisitions)


2018 assets under management


Sofidy real estate assets acquired in 2018