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FFP relies upon its industrial history, experienced professionals and solid governance to support its shareholdings.


Created in 1929, FFP became the PSA Group's reference shareholder in 1966 and has pursued a policy of sector and geographical diversification since 2002. 

As a committed shareholder, FFP encourages its direct and indirect investments to progress in the areas of governance, social and environmental protection.



A 200-year industrial history

FFP is one of the main shareholders of the PSA Group. Drawing on its industrial experience, it has developed an investment activity in diversified assets, mainly composed of direct minority stakes, private equity vehicles, co-investments and real estate.



























Philosophy & investment strategy

Our philosophy

A reference shareholder of the PSA Group, our historical asset.


As a majority shareholder of FFP, the Peugeot family is at the origin of the PSA Group and has always been an active supporter. In particular, the company participated in the 2012 and 2014 capital increases.
FFP participates in PSA's governance through representation on governance bodies.

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A long-term and active minority investor.


For FFP, being a long-term investor means actively and constantly supporting companies in their growth.

  • A specific DNA from its entrepreneurial and family history

  • An active minority investor, who supports the management teams and participates in the various decision-making bodies, ensuring that best governance practices are applied

  • A committed partner, who implements a coherent strategy over time

  • A long-term shareholder, who invests in equity without any restriction on the rotation of invested capital



50m to 200m equity investments
Minimum 5% of the capital

FFP invests in companies that are leaders in their sector and offer significant growth potential. Mainly located in Europe, they have a strong exposure or an international growth strategy. FFP is looking for companies whose activities and economic cycles are uncorrelated to each other. Particular attention is paid to management teams, balanced governance mechanisms and ESG/RSE commitments made by the company.

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Our other value creation levers.



Equity investments from €10m
FFP invests alongside private equity funds or other partners through syndications

Private equity vehicles

Commitments between €10m and €25m
FFP has a portfolio of private equity funds, spread across the United States, Europe and emerging countries, mainly in the Leverage Buy Out, Development Capital and Growth Technology sectors.

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Real estate

FFP owns real estate assets, invested on a case-by-case basis (i) directly, (ii) via real estate funds or (ii) as part of co-investments, and offering high return potential.

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FFP management & teams

Photo Bertrand Finet

Bertrand Finet

Deputy CEO

Photo Marie Ahmadzadeh

Marie Ahmadzadeh

Investment Director

Photo Frédéric Banzet

Frédéric Banzet

Head of FFP UK

Photo Alice Baverez

Alice Baverez

Senior legal counsel

Photo Laetitia Blot-Dollfus

Laetitia Blot-Dollfus

Financial Controller

Photo Albane de Braquilanges

Albane de Braquilanges

Communications Manager

Photo Amaury Cabaud

Amaury Cabaud

Investment Manager

Photo Sébastien Coquard

Sébastien Coquard

Head of Investments

Photo Guillaume Falguière

Guillaume Falguière

Investment Director

Photo Anne-Camille de Froissard

Anne-Camille de Froissard

Investment Manager

Photo Jean-Paul Lemonnier

Jean-Paul Lemonnier

Investment Director

Photo Thierry Mabille de Poncheville

Thierry Mabille de Poncheville

Head of Legal Affairs

Photo François Massut

François Massut

Head of Private Equity Funds

Photo Jean-Baptiste Molmy

Jean-Baptiste Molmy

Senior legal counsel

Photo Eric de Saint-Exupéry

Eric de Saint-Exupéry

Investment Manager

Photo Sophie Vernier-Reiffers

Sophie Vernier-Reiffers

Deputy General Counsel



Conseil d'administration

The Board of Directors determines the orientations of the company's activity and ensures their implementation.

The rules relating to the work of the Board of Directors are laid down by law, the Articles of Association and the Internal Regulations of FFP and the Code of Ethics for the Stock Exchange. FFP applies the AFEP-MEDEF code.

The Board has three permanent committees: the Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Investments and Participations Committee and the Finance and Audit Committee.

Conseil d’Administration  
Comité de la Gouvernance des Nominations et Rémunérations  
Comité des Investissements et des Participations  
Comité Financier et d’Audit  



Environnement, social & gouvernance

A responsible investor.

FFP is convinced that taking into account environmental, social and governance factors is a source of opportunities, a vector for the efficiency and performance of its portfolio. As a committed shareholder, FFP encourages its direct and indirect shareholdings to progress in the areas of governance, social/societal and environmental issues.

FFP's long-term commitment makes it a specific investor. Each investment decision is made with a long-term approach, without any restriction on the rotation of the funds invested, with an average holding period of more than 10 years for the companies in the portfolio. Dialogue with management teams, support for new acquisitions and industrial investments and innovation are part of FFP's long-term commitments with the objective of revealing the value creation potential of each investment.

Integrate ESG into the investment life cycle.

For each investment project, the relevant ESG factors are analysed by the teams. This data is used in the same way as financial information to inform investment decisions and reduce non-financial risks.

Impact investing.

As a responsible investor, FFP has been invested since 2015 in several impact funds, which combine a positive impact on society and the environment with sustainable financial performance. FFP has thus established solid long-term partnerships with 3 management teams: Alter Equity, Amboise Partners and Impact Partenaires.

Structure the ESG approach at FFP.


The Responsible Investment Charter

In order to formalize the principles set out above, FFP relies on a Responsible Investor Charter. This charter embodies the company's values and constitutes the reference framework for the daily practices and actions of all employees and managers.

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The ESG steering committee

FFP has set up its own ESG operational steering committee. This committee brings together representatives of all the company's functions. It coordinates FFP's ESG approach, integrates environmental, social and governance criteria into its business and professions, and disseminates and shares best practices internally.

The CSR questionnaires

In order to monitor the evolution of the CSR indicators of its investments, FFP requires its investments to answer a CSR questionnaire every year. A presentation of the main CSR issues and highlights is presented in the FFP Registration Document.

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